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Let Us Help You with a Logo Refresh

By Mark Field | March 2, 2023

Listen, Inc. Logo Refresh markField Design engaged Listen, Inc to redesign or “refresh” their existing logotype. markField Design worked with the Listen team to help them identify the key elements of their existing logo that were integral in their brand DNA. These elements were carried forward into a re envisioning of their brand identity. CHALLENGE: Listen, […]

markField Design Launches New Website

By Mark Field | February 1, 2023

Website design certainly has come a long way from the days of typing simple HTML in TextEdit for a 640×480 screen. Our website has changed plenty of the years. Here’s a look back at our home page since the start of the company. 2003-2008 Our first site. Extremely simple. Hand-coded in basic HTML with adding in […]

markField Design Wins 4 American Graphic Design Award for 2021

By Mark Field | December 1, 2021

markField Design is proud to announce winning an award of design excellence from the annual American Graphic Design 2021 Awards. Awards were won for excellence in website design for the Frontera Therapeutics corporate website, Pandemic Responders logo design, Creacion logo design, and Cellaria Pancreatic Cancer Cell Model Advertisements. The American Graphic Design Awards is a […]

Cellaria Logo Design

markField Design Included in 2021 Logo Trends Report

By Mark Field | October 19, 2021

markField Design is excited to announce that our logo design for Cellaria has been included in the the 2021 Logo Trends Report published by Bill Gardner at markField Design recently engaged Cellaria Biosciences to rebrand and design and build their new website. Cellaria Logo – Before Cellaria Logo – After See the Cellaria logo in […]

Pandemic Responders Website Design and Development

markField Design Launches Brand and Website for Pandemic Responders

By Mark Field | April 1, 2020

markField Design is proud to announce the launch of Pandemic Responders. Together with Susan Munter of Branding Band, markField Design helped name, brand, and develop a fundraising website for Pandemic Responders Foundation. Pandemic Responders Foundation is a soon to be 501(3)(c) non-profit organization focused on procuring medical supplies from overseas for our first-responders here in […]

markField Design Wins American Graphic Design Award for Winalytics Website

By Mark Field | October 24, 2018

markField Design is proud to announce winning an award of design excellence from the annual American Graphic Design 2018 Awards. The award was won for excellence in website design for the Winalytics corporate website. The American Graphic Design Awards is a five-decade old competition and is open to everyone in the graphic arts community – graphic […]

Visualize Your Content

By Mark Field | July 24, 2018

There are many names for it lately. Information design, data visualizations, or Infographics. Informational graphics, or, Infographics, help your readers make quick sense of your most complicated data sets. A well designed infographic can be the difference between a potential customer quickly leaving a boring web page or printed brochure, and being captivated by your […]

The Printed Opportunity

By Mark Field | May 31, 2018

While all our social media feeds and email inboxes have been vying for your attention, the traditional print mail clutter has decreased to a point where I now notice well designed print marketing. It’s easy to delete an email or scan past a post, but a printed brochure will be held and digested, even without […]

The Omni Channel & Differentiating Your Brand

By Mark Field | March 29, 2018

markField Design is an award winning graphic design studio that can help you develop a full range of highly creative marketing communications tailored to maximize customer response. The Omni Channel Are you maximizing your reach across the wide array of marketing channels through which your customers can experience your brand? The most successful brands will […]

Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season, and 2018.

By Mark Field | December 12, 2017
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