Visualize Your Content

There are many names for it lately. Information design, data visualizations, or Infographics.

Informational graphics, or, Infographics, help your readers make quick sense of your most complicated data sets. A well designed infographic can be the difference between a potential customer quickly leaving a boring web page or printed brochure, and being captivated by your information long enough to make an impact.

Neurologically speaking, the brain’s sequence of cognition is wired to interpret the shape of visual stimuli first. Next, in the sequence, brain recognizes the color. Color can evoke an emotional response and is more easily remembered if distinctive. Finally, the brain takes the most time to decode the forms or text, as they need to be tied to a meaning. Given, this all happens in a few seconds, however it’s been proven that highly visual information can have more of an impact on memory.1

Infographics can transform your site’s data-rich content into an engaging experience for potential customers. Generally, infographics use little running text, but rather employ simple iconography, graphs, and numbers to communicate a complicated concept quickly. In other words, the combination of these elements makes the information easier to digest with a quick look. Infographics typically use a limited color palette, make use of negative space well, and most importantly, have a strong sense of scale. Scale helps call out important elements and guide the eye from point to point.

Here are a few sample Infographics from select projects:


markField Design believes in listening. As in integral first step to every project, we feel it is important to sit down face-to-face in order for all client stakeholders to express their vision in their own words. markField Design will use this vital information to begin to craft your message and in turn, the overall visual feel for the project. At markField Design, we do not have a specific visual house style. The look and feel of every project is informed by the client, the subject matter, and the marketplace. We believe that every project is a partnership and we bring our expertise in visually communicating your needs, and the needs of your customers, on-time, and on-budget.

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1 Designing Brand Identity, by Alina Wheeler. John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Publisher.

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