markField Design Launches New Website

Website design certainly has come a long way from the days of typing simple HTML in TextEdit for a 640×480 screen. Our website has changed plenty of the years. Here’s a look back at our home page since the start of the company.


Our first site. Extremely simple. Hand-coded in HTML with adding in some experimental HTML5.


Our second site. We have a lot more work to show and talk about. Still hand-coded, but making use of far more technological advances.


Our third site. Looking good. Rotating news, projects, and testimonials. We fell in love with this color palette.


Our fourth and latest site. We’ve joined our clients and the ranks of the WordPress sites. We’ve integrated all our social efforts. It’s a snap to add projects, blog post, or change an image.


Our fifth site design has been a long time in the making as we’re incredibly busy working on your sites instead. There’s the integration of a stunning home page video along with streamlined project work.

Give us a call to Bring Your site Up to Speed. 617-256-5929.

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