Transform Your Digital Strategy

markField Design is an award winning graphic design studio that can help you develop a full range of highly creative, and consistent marketing communications, tailored to maximize customer response, for both print, and the web.

The Omni Channel
Are you maximizing your reach across the wide array of marketing channels through which your customers can experience your brand? The most successful brands will utilize a combination of channels that will create marketplace impact and brand value. markField Design can assist you in developing consistent marketing communications across the many channels now available to your customers. Just a few of these include, desktop, mobile, email, print collateral, signage, and placed advertising.

Are Your Communications Responsive to Your Customers’ Devices?
The number of devices your customers are using to experience your brand is growing every day. Is your website optimized to present a consistent experience across your customers’ favorite devices? markField Design can assist you in developing consistent and effective experiences across your customers many devices including desktops, tablets, and handheld phones.

Our Philosophy
markField Design believes in listening. As in integral first step to every project, we feel it is important to sit down face-to-face in order for all client stakeholders to express their vision in their own words. markField Design will use this vital information to begin to craft your message and in turn, the overall visual feel for the project. At markField Design, we do not have a specific visual house style. The look and feel of every project is informed by the client, the subject matter, and the marketplace. We believe that every project is a partnership and we bring our expertise in expressing visually, your needs, and the needs of your customers, on-time, and on-budget.

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